Changing Dirt Bike Tire By Hand

Changing Dirt Bike Tire By Hand

Change a dirt bike tire using 2 tire levers. Go step by step with exactly what you need to remove your dirt.
Want to save time and money? Want to be a dirt bike badass? Then change your own freakin' tires.
Whether your at the track, on the trail or still at home, knowing a quick and easy way to change tires can save.
Changing a motorcycle tire without special tools using only tire irons, some lube and a bunch of curse words.
How to change a dirt bike tire: I am going to show you how to change the rear. axle is far enough through, you can pull it out the rest of the way with your hands.
If changing dirt bike tires makes your palms sweat and your blood pressure rise, then this video is for you. Dirt.

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